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***   When you customize a batch of products at the factory, in order to facilitate  the customer to identify and trace the products, sometimes we need to put bar code labels with different numbers on each product. In this case, if the bar code label is printed on the roll label paper, it will be difficult to find the corresponding numbered bar code label you need to paste to a product, for it rolled all labels together.

***   Our barcode printing software provides a perfect solution: you can print a set of barcode labels onto an A4 paper or Avery label paper, so you can hold a “bar code labels book” to paste the corresponding numbered bar code to the product, by the page number of the bar code labels book, you can easily find the barcode with the number you need and paste it on the product. This will greatly improve your working efficiency.

Recommand:   Free Desktop Version Barcode Generator Software

Detail Information / Review / Download From CNET --- The First Software Download Site:

***** Automatic generate sequence barcode numbers, up to 99999 numbers per time, then directly print

        to barcode labels, or export all the barcode images to a folder, or export to Word or Excel file.



***** Bulk print barcode labels to Avery of another label paper, to common office use laser / inkjet printer

         or professional barcode printer, support almost all 1D 2D barcode and QR Code, etc.

***** Add All ASCII to the barcode, such as Tab, Enter, File Separated Char, etc.,


***** Design barcode label with multiple barcodes and texts and logo:


 Download From CNET


This software support the professional barcode printer and the common office use laser / inkjet printer, you can print barcode to sticker label paper, or Avery 5160, 5161, 5162, etc. label paper, or just print to common A4, B5 paper.


Tips: How to design and print complex barcode label in MS Word.

Barcode Label Templates for MS Word

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